It’s My Birthday! This Is My Oprah Moment.

Helen Tremethick
3 min readMar 10, 2023
Black text on a yellow background reads, “It’s my birthday. Here’s your present!”

I recently threw out my back for the very first time ever. Yet NOT for the first time, I felt so freaking grateful I could just plug in a heating pad and take calls from bed. I know I often talk to you about creating flexibility in your business and this is a great example. Sometimes the work doesn’t have to be put on hold; sometimes flexibility is in how you deliver it (in this case, lying down with regular breaks for gentle stretching).

Just yesterday I was on a call with someone who was talking about Oprah.

One of the things Oprah is most known for is her generosity. She’s famous for taking her studio audience on cruises, giving them all cars, $1000 credit cards, warm coats to Hurricane Katrina survivors, and so much more. There’s something truly beautiful about that enthusiastic “you get one, and you get one, everybody gets one!!!”

It wasn’t just that she gave stuff away; it was how she did it.

Tuesday, it’s my birthday and this is my Oprah moment.

I want you to experience springtime in your business!
I want you to feel clarity and momentum!
I want you to be excited (again) about your business!

Tuesday I’ll be 46 so for the next 2 weeks (and only the next 2 weeks), I’m offering Spark Intensives for 46% off!

I’ll be honest, when I first thought about this, I thought “jeeez, 46% is a very very big discount for something so transformative”. I almost made it less. I almost made it something else. But fucking Oprah. If you’re going to give, give generously.

Now — in case you don’t already know, Spark Intensives are my VIP Days. They’re a firehose of goodness, a jumpstart out of the ditch, and a jet propulsion engine for your ideas all wrapped up in a candy coated shell of a straight-talking cheerleader.

For real. These are the results of just one Spark Intensive*:

✓ Prioritized messaging and business model with room for website copy & content marketing
✓ Created a new offer that fits their expertise and need for spaciousness
✓ Built out service tiers & deliverables
✓ Defined a clear audience persona for the new offer
✓ Drafted copy for the new offer
✓ Wrote a manifesto
✓ Repurposed the manifesto into more amazing website copy
✓ Brainstormed content marketing pieces for social, blogging, and Medium articles
✓ Changed existing website copy to fit their new brand
✓ Established clear values for discerning new offers & prospective clients
✓ Created a list of Phase 2 & 3 actionable goals
*mileage may vary…obvs

You can read more about Spark Intensives on this page and while you’re over there, all you have to do is add the code OPRAHMOMENT on checkout and it’ll automagically discount. You can even double up which will give an almost 2fer.

Building a business you love, one that works really well for you, isn’t solely about whether or not you can take days off. It’s about how well you can stay in integrity with your values while creating a ripple of impact throughout your community.

Thank you for being a part of mine.

“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeeee…


PS — Once you’ve gone through the payment portal, email me and we’ll set the date(s) for your Spark Intensive(s).



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