What’s Big and Grey and Standing in the Corner?

Helen Tremethick
2 min readJun 7, 2023


Black text on a yellow background reads, “What are you hiding from?”

What are you afraid to look at in your business?

What do you do when your coach makes you look at the thing you don’t want to look at?

Do you freak out and quit? Do you shut down? Do you stay open and talk about it but then continue ignoring the thing you don’t want to think about?

Whether it’s your external marketing, your pricing, or even your schedule, we all have something in our lives/businesses we’ve been (in)conveniently glossing over.

During a Spark Intensive VIP Day with a client recently, I stopped part way through our morning session to point out the elephant. This incredible service provider was running themselves ragged. They have multiple life responsibilities on top of their growing client base and they often find themselves underslept, overworked, and continually playing catch up.

At this juncture, it doesn’t matter how we change up their marketing calendar or their services suite or what they say on their website. It doesn’t matter how many people we bring into their sphere. For this client, if we didn’t talk about their schedule, they were headed fast for burnout. Heck, they were already burned out.

You know what happened when I halted our call to address this elephant in the room? They covered their eyes and groaned. “Ugh, do we have to?” they said.


Chances are you already know the thing you’re not looking at…and if you don’t, that’s what Clarity Sessions are for. But chances are you do.

When business isn’t going the way you thought it would/should/could, look at the elephant. They’re usually the tipping point between the frustration you’re experiencing now and a sense of freedom and flexibility in your business.

This client I’ve been telling you about?

Well, they’ve been getting more sleep, they’re doing their work better and faster, and they’re home every night for dinner with the kids. That’s a foundation you can grow from.

Now you.
Tell me about your elephant.



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