Transitions Are Hard.

Helen Tremethick
1 min readSep 15, 2023


Black text on a teal background reads, “Become a pile of goo. And then, transform.”

You know how caterpillars become butterflies? They turn themselves inside out and become a pile of goo before the beautiful transformation.

And the truth is, transformations can feel like that: turning yourself inside out and become a pile of goo.

I’m feeling that these days. Transformative.

If I look back in my career, all of my transitions have been a deepening of sorts. The shift from being a copywriter to a brand voice strategist was a deepening from words to the approach before the words. The shift from brand voice strategy to business design was a deepening from communication to the aligned strategy. And now? Now there’s something on the horizon that is even deeper still.


I’ve always talked about my approach as “coming back home to yourself” and I’m experiencing just how true that is.

But whew, uncomfortable.

I don’t have the answers but I do know this: in this industry (and our culture in general) we’re conditioned to doubt ourselves. We’re conditioned to expect others to have the answers for us.

But what would be more radical, more transformative, and more mutually supportive than cultivating self-trust along with a stronger safety net?

I’m glad you’re here for the ride.



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