Preparing For The Unexpected.

Helen Tremethick
3 min readFeb 28, 2023
Black text on a teal background reads, “Fuck compromise.”

If you’re an overachiever like me then you’re probably pretty attached to your schedule. I really get it. You don’t want to miss an important email. You want to be sure that you’re available for consults and client calls. You need to be marketing which means doing more than scrolling from the parking lot.

These are all valid and true.


This is where you’ll find yourself inadvertently adhering to a rigid business system all the while telling yourself that you have all the time in the world.

What does a flexible business structure actually look like?

Well — as with everything — it depends.

It depends on your existing responsibilities, your overall wellbeing, your physical capacity, your goals, and your interests. It also depends on your clients — but we get to that later.

sidebar: never trust someone selling a formula without knowing the details of your life and business

A life event pulled me away from the office recently. While I would ordinarily be at my desk around 9.30 every morning, most days over the last 2 weeks I was supporting a family member. I share this with you because it provides a great example of how regenerative business design plays out in the real world.

Because shit happens…

⏰ I always give myself ample time to deliver on Done For You work. Sometimes it’s beneficial to allow for inspiration, percolation, and creative flow. Sometimes I need the flex in my schedule.

💻 My group coaching calls are virtual so I bring my laptop and meet with the folks in Foundations and the Motorcycle Club on the road. This allows me to be present for my clients in real time without running from place to place.

☎️ I buffer my 1:1 client calls so there’s time to grab a drink, have a pee, and ground myself in between. This also means that I’m not looking at the clock while I’m on a call.

📓 MOST IMPORTANTLY, I’ve designed my services to allow for all of this.

What this meant for me recently is that I could be with my family and my business without compromising either.

When the unexpected happens, you will find yourself stretched for time and energy. The reason we do this work in advance is so that your future self is taken care of, your battery is well-charged, and you’re respecting your own and your clients’ time.

Because fuck compromise…

Now tell me, where could your business use a little tweaking so that it supports you as well as you support it?

There are 3 spots in the Motorcycle Club available right now. If you’re ready for ongoing support through <gestures wildly> all this, join us. And if you have questions about whether it’s a good fit for you, drop a comment. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions.



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