Make Your Reputation Repeatable.

Helen Tremethick
3 min readMay 11, 2023


How much of your own brilliance are you sitting on?

Think about it: all those blog posts, newsletters, workshops, slide decks, pitch letters, late night ideas written in the dark on your phone (hi, it’s me).

A few weeks back, I caught myself telling a client to take a look at old, popular posts and repurpose them. I said things like:

💬 People are busy and they aren’t tracking
💬 If they saw it and remembered it, they’ll probably like it again
💬 You don’t need to create the wheel every single time

And then it hit me.

For the last 12 years, every single newsletter I’ve ever written has been original. I’m not saying this to toot my own horn. In fact, it means that I’m sitting on a lot of information and ideas that could be shared with the world.

So last week I took my own medicine and started going through my old blog posts. The plan is to curate them into categories as a way of a) seeing if there’s anything valuable I want to share again and b) taking a good look at what I really tend to talk about.

Inside my Foundations program, I show my clients how to articulate their content pillars. Knowing what you need to write about makes your marketing wayyyyyy easier. You’re essentially prepped with topics to pull from anytime you’re ready to write.

But there’s a piece here that isn’t nearly so formulaic and that’s the YOU-ness that you bring to your business. What do you love to talk to your clients about? What themes keep coming up in your work? Are there topics that are adjacent to the work you do (mindset shifts you share, long-term strategies that work for you, etc.)?

So many of us tend to think “but I don’t want to keep repeating myself!”

Let’s get this clear: repeatable is sexy. It’s memorable.

Think of every chant. Every anthemic pop song. Every catchy jingle. You want your words on the lips of your audience. Be repeatable.

This is what I’m looking for in my library of words and if you’ve been reading along thinking “huh, I could do that too”, here are 3 actions to help make it easier for you.

🧺 Gather. Bring all your words into one place.
📖 Read. Spend some time getting to know your marketing self.
🧠 Ideate. What came up for you? What did you learn about yourself? Where do you get fired up?

If that seems like too large a project for you right now (hey, I get it) then do yourself a quick favor and look at the Insights on your favorite marketing platform. What performs well? What themes does your audience respond to? Where can you double down?

Neither of us need to create the wheel every time.

It’s time we stop hiding our genius and become repeatable.



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