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Helen Tremethick
2 min readApr 25, 2023


Black text on a yellow background reads, “What do you do when things go wrong?”

I saw a video on Instagram recently of John and Julie Gottman.

They were speaking about how they’ve found that the success behind a relationship isn’t about conflict at all; it was about repair. It was offering a cup of tea, even while in an argument. It was seeing the person you’re with as a team member, even during the strife. This sense of care permeates the relationship and allows the people inside it to experience more than themselves.

As someone in a partnership, I found this valuable to consider. How can I act in repair and care regardless of whether we’re in conflict or not?

As a business owner, you’re also in relationship with your business and the success of it is not about how difficult things may be, what your challenges are, or how often you come up against one. Your success is in your care and repair.

What are you choosing to do differently?
How are you acting as a partner to your business?
When a launch doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped or you’re struggling with your messaging, do you blame, criticize, and wall up, or do you approach it with tenderness and care?
Can you make the hard decisions?

Being an expert isn’t about getting it right all the time.
Being a successful business owner isn’t about never having challenges.
Being a good partner isn’t about always getting along.

A true expert knows that the learning is never done. There will be mistakes. There will be lessons. The real success is found in recognizing when you fuck up, owning it, and working toward repair together.

So if you’ve found yourself stuck, frustrated, or plateaued in your business, ask yourself how you can view the circumstances differently, what you can do that you haven’t thought of before, and what might be an out of the box solution.

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