Is It Time To Batten The Hatches?

Helen Tremethick
2 min readJun 22, 2023


Black text on a yellow background reads, “When in doubt, batten the hatches.”

Some days you will wake up doubting your choice into entrepreneurship. It doesn’t matter how many figures your bank account has or the praise heaped upon you by a recent client. There will always be days.

Batten the hatches when these storms blow in.
Hold tight to the truths that you know.

Your work is more than a passing storm.

So when the doubt sets in, see it for what it is.
A grey day.
An opportunity to take care of yourself.
A chance to look through your “gear”.
A good time to assess what you need — if anything — to weather it through.

Because there will always be those days.
But of course, you didn’t choose this because it was boring…

Be kind to yourself.
Reach out if you need an umbrella.

In July and August, there are a few ways we can work together:

1️⃣The Motorcycle Club has 2 hot seat coaching calls and 2 guest expert sessions. This is a great way to stay inspired and motivated while the chaos of summer surrounds your business.

2️⃣A Clarity Session is a laser focused 1-hour that can help you write that sales page, plot out that brilliant next idea, explore options for pivoting, or even untangle the mess of thoughts that have been holding you back.

3️⃣If there’s interest, I’ll open my calendar to 1 or 2 Spark Intensives. Sometimes you need more than an hour here or a group call there. These VIP Days are like a fuel-injection to your business’ engine. They’re like a sprinkler on a summer day. They’re clarity, motivation, and action all rolled into one power packed day (plus a prioritization call plus a follow up call because you deserve more than a 1-off). Leave a comment if this is you so I can open my calendar up for you.

Breathe deep.
You’ve got this.



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