Do Not Compare Yourself To Giants.

Helen Tremethick
1 min readMay 23, 2023


Black text on a yellow background reads, “Don’t compare yourself to giants.”

Do not compare yourself to the giants.

Your comparison will only leave you feeling mired in issues of self-worth and inadequacy. We are a species that enjoys comparison, knows comparison, thrives on comparison: us vs. them. this vs. that. We know light because we know dark and vice versa.

But if you are going to compare, then compare yourself to yourself. Notice what you have done and therefore can do. Notice what you are ready for — or almost ready for — and then take the next step.

These small actions are how you become bigger, better, more balanced.

Notice what you have done that you’re proud of, that felt too big, too scary, too outside your comfort zone.
Notice what you can celebrate.
Notice what’s next: what actions you can take to get to the next goal.

Don’t compare yourself to the giants. It distracts you from your beautiful vision.

You are on your path, your path forward, and trust that you are doing everything you can to get there.



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